Bleepsworld is the alter ego of Ronnie Deelen founded to collect all his sound related explorations. Ronnie Deelen is a versatile artist who works with Image and Sound. His practice currently focuses on nature, biology and speculative design. Drawing, Sound design, coding and animation are the core skills in his practise. Ronniesm was his first solo project a multimedia performance that contained a self-build instrument, animation and 8-bit music.

As co-founder of RGBoy, he explored of 8-bit music in a club surrounding. Following that with the Teleport Katowice project, which he was also a co-founder, moved towards analog synthesis, tape delays and modular synthesisers. This formed the basis for experiments with sound and electronic music.

In his animation work explores the audio visual relationship between speculative design and experimental sound landscapes created on modular synth. Drawing work more and more focuses on speculative biology and making links to historical biology and scientific explorers.

He currently works as an animator and as a tutor at both the LCC and the Royal College of Art, where he organizes a monthly event showcasing sound experiments by students and himself. As Ronnie Deelen, he creates soundscapes and rhythmic experiments using a modular synthesizer.